Upper Moon 3, Akaza, Demon Slayer, “Figuarts ZERO” Bandai Spirits [Figure Review]

When Upper Demon 3, Akaza, arrived to smack us in the face in the most unexpected way in Demon Slayer’s Mugen Train movie—not only did he give us one of the most epic fight scenes; but he will forever be linked with Rengoku Kyojuro, as one of the most iconic antagonists in an animated movie plastered on the big screen.

This blog will cover one of his best figure releases by Bandai Spirits; part of their Figuarts ZERO line.

Unboxing & Review

Figure Review

Akaza Figuarts ZERO info

I bought it here

Otaku Sinh’s collection

Buying Off of AmiAmi

I’ve had this preorder on AmiAmi, since the announcement of the release. I’ve noticed multiple times when figures are officially listed as “in-stock” on AmiAmi, it still takes a few days to over a week before you receive an invoice for your pre-order.

  • Invoiced & Paid on 03/28/2022
  • Shipped on 03/30/2022
  • Arrived 04/04/2022

Figuarts ZERO Akaza: 5940 yen = $48.14
DHL Shipping: 3372 yen = $27.33
Total w/ Yen: 9312 yen = $75.47

Actual Paid (Blockfi Credit Card) = $76.85

If you were going for the cheapest way to buy this figure, then you’d buy it straight from Japan from an officially licensed retailer like Ami Ami, Hobbylink Japan, Hobby Search, Hobby-Genki, etc. Typically, these sites offer “surface parcel,” giving you the cheapest way to get figures. A couple of caveats would be the amount of time it will take you to receive the item and the risk of dealing with a company across the seas if your product comes in defective.

Most US websites offer this Akaza figure for around $81.99. Some US websites offer free shipping and some you’ll be able to pull a coupon code. If you are willing to wait a couple more months, it might be better to just wait for the US stores to get them in stock first to buy them, since you might be risking getting a defective product from Japan. There are other YouTubers like myself that try to get these figures in early to do videos on them! I don’t think you have to worry about locking in an order for Figuarts ZERO figures. Being patient for reviews could save you some hassle.

Overall, it’s still worth it to buy straight from Japan with DHL or EMS shipping, if your bottom line is just the price point. You’ll get it significantly faster for generally, a cheaper price than buying it domestically.

Shipping & Box

This is the first order where I received AmiAmi’s smaller “80 size” box. With DHL shipping, you are still playing a little bit less if you were buying domestically from a US retail store. I assume this is the case for other countries as well.

The Figuarts ZERO Akaza box comes with a similar design to the Rengoku Feb 2022 Figuarts ZERO release. It comes with the same design like the Rengoku one with the added confetti. There’s nothing too fancy here or mind-blowing about the presentation here. It’s pretty typical, but typical is not a bad thing.


Figuarts ZERO figures are mostly “unarticulated,” hence the “ZERO.” So, the whole figure comes as is. Just be careful when you pull it out of the shrink-wrap, as there are some fragile parts on his arm, belt and base.


Pose & Sculpting

This is probably the most elaborate of all of Akaza figures out there. Standing on top of his base, it looks like he’s lining up one of his “Blood Demon Art” techniques.

Compared to the Rengoku release counter-part, he’s a bit taller. His stance and base elevates him a bit higher. His body proportions looks natural and his face exudes his character perfectly.


This is where Figuarts ZERO, falls flat. From an up close view, there are various painting errors and colors meshed together; looking a little bit out of place. Because of his color combination, you may not notice it as much as the dark greenish, greyish color of his skin blends in with the blue lines on his body. On the Kyojuro figure, you can see a bigger difference because the color combination of the red, yellow and white colors is naturally more visible to the eye.

The paint job doesn’t really throw off the overall presentation of the figure. I have him displayed with the Kyojuro figure in the detolf display case. Honestly, the paint job is something you’ll notice last and if you are looking for it.

Akaza Figuarts ZERO vs the Others

When it comes to the scale of Akaza, the top two options on the market are Aniplex 1/8 scale with his iconic “Development Technique”「 () (かい) (さつ) 」 pose. If you are looking for an action figure/doll figure, then the Figma and BUZZmod line of figures maybe your best options.

Action Figure: Figma and BUZZmod
Scales: Aniplex & Megahouse

Right now, the 2 that stand out the most is this Figuarts ZERO release and the Aniplex 1/8 scale of his most iconic pose. Personally, the Aniplex scale is my ideal market, but it was made a bit smaller and is not as dynamic as I would have liked. It does glow in the dark though, which actually makes a lot of sense. I’ve been so back and forth with that figure that I decided, while editing the unboxing and review video, that I would pre-order it anyways. So, look for that later this year.

While the quality of Megahouse’s figures are generally pretty good, I think they dropped the ball choosing that pose with the kick. Still, there isn’t one that stands out head and shoulders above the other. Every one of these figures fulfill whatever niche you deem more important to you. For me, I would recommend getting this Figuarts ZERO figure and the Aniplex scale.


Will This Figure Appreciate in Value?

Being a more obscure character definitely shrinks the demand for characters like Akaza. Typically, Figuarts ZERO have a saturated amount of figures released, so it may be months down the line after release, before you see any inflated reseller prices. It’s going to be a while before Akaza makes a significant showing in the Demon Slayer anime. So, it is hard to see any major releases coming anytime soon. For at least the next couple of years, expect the prices for his figures to inflate quite a bit as the hype around Akaza boils up again.

Last Thoughts

While there are a decent amount of options for Akaza figures, none of them scream “MUST BUY.” What this Figuarts ZERO figure does scream is being an awesome design. His face and portrayal of the use of his “Blood Demon Art” is very true to the character. What this figure lacks is in the details of the paint job. If you are wanting a scale bigger than a 1/8 size, then you may have to wait a significant amount of time. So, do I recommend this figure? Yes, if you are okay with the flaws previously mentioned.


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