The Episode We’ve All Been Waiting For! Attack on Titan, Season 4 Part 2, Episode 27 “Retrospective” [Review]

From start to finish, this episode contained all the elements we could have hoped for!

Girl power

What Attack on Titan has been lacking this whole season is a complete episode from start to finish. This episode starts off by identifying the dire straits that the characters are going through; by making it completely understood that there was no chance that Reiner and Annie could defend the flying boat for half of the day.

“My armor is not armoring” – Reiner’s inner thoughts

Then, there were multiple action scenes that hit the viewer one by one. Legitimately, Floch’s face reactions throughout this episode was yours and mines. Every major character had a highlight moment that showed us how important this mission is to save the world. I mean.. It is the last season!

“Get the Floch out of my way!”

The music played perfectly into building the right mood for the beginning of the 2nd half of the episode. They did the same buildup of a major climatic event like what happened in episode 19 “Two Brothers,” where Eren’s head landed in Zeke’s hand. This all culminated into a really big scene right in the middle of the episode, where Falco takes a gamble and turns into the Jaw Titan.


Admiring Connie

“My time to shine!” -Connie’s inner thoughts

In war and life, sometimes you have to do the dirty work yourself. No one wants to be the one slaughtering cows and pigs to eat. No one wants to be the manager that makes the hard decision that guarantees that you will piss someone off. Ultimately, in order to win you have to make sacrifices. Connie, keeping the greater goal in mind, does what would be deemed universally frowned upon—that is to kill your friend..

I appreciate the beginning sequence of what Connie had to do in contrast to what Armin did. Armin could have gotten Connie killed and at the worst, ruined the mission. For this scene, I applaud Connie because just like what Berholdt said, “somebodies got to do it.” Then, he goes out to try to defend his new comrades. It’s a badass moment for a character that a few episodes ago wanted to sacrifice a little kid. This was a good reminder of how the previous episode ended, which transitions nicely into middle of the fight.

“Oh s**t, the kids turning!” -Connie’s inner thoughts

Floch’s Last Stand

Once Falco changed into the Jaw Titan, Floch had no choice, but to make his one last stand. In Floch’s eyes, Eren’s rumbling is a means to his people’s freedom. That boat escaping would mean his life would go back into being trapped on an island.

Honestly, I never expected this scene to be animated so beautifully. He managed to ward off Hange and Pieck’s attacks, while getting one last thunder spear off before getting shot by Gabi.

“Floch this s**t! I’ll do it myself! – Floch’s inner thoughts

These are the kind of moments I have been waiting for! The moment where the characters in the show look like they are in deep doodoo. At multiple points, there were “oh crap” moments that eventually paid off in the end.

The Episode with the Best Action Sequences!

Honestly, the action in this episode rivaled the best episodes I’ve seen in Demon Slayer. A lot of the best scenes were not just titans smashing things and eating humans, but the scouts themselves. The animation involving Connie, Floch and Mikasa were one of the best I’ve seen this whole season. You know something is badass when they significantly change camera angles mid-air and find a variety of ways for these characters to kill people.

It’s no surprise that Mikasa is out here just slaying dudes, but the scene after Floch makes his attempt to blow a hole in the ship was just brutal.. I mean brutal in a satisfyingly good way.

Keith and Magath Say Goodbye

Chills. Just chills.. These two characters represent so much to the Attack on Titan lore. They also represent a symbol for “the old guard.” With the last two episodes, including this one, we’ve seen Commander Magath make a 180 degree change of heart, This, along with the old Commander of the Scouts, Keith, was a sad and chilling ending. The violins playing, while a muted Gabi is screaming out to the exploding ship; created a perfect moment and ending to two very important characters. RIP!

Last Thoughts

The 2nd half of the previous episode and this whole episode have been nothing short of a masterpiece performance. The big moments were built and it cashed in beyond our expectations. What the beginning of the 2nd half of the season lacked in the scouts doing anything significant, this episode just made up for all of that.

Really, the only gripe I still have is the awkward transition into the intro song. Other than that, every character that has mattered these past few episodes just gave us a round of an applause worthy clap. By the end of the episode, after our adrenaline finally gets to slowing down from the intense action; we get one of the saddest turn of events for a couple of old birds. This was a marvelous episode that may redeem my negative outlook for the final season of Attack on Titan. Bravo creators!

What did you guys think about the episode? What was your favorite scene?


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