Eren Yeager, Attack on Titan (Hobby Max) 1/7 Scale [Figure Review]

As popular as Attack on Titan is, there isn’t too many good options on the market. Luckily, I spotted one still on the market as of 02/26/2022. This figure of Eren Yeager by Hobby Max, has the best prototype pictures and was extremely impressed when I finally got it in-person.

Unboxing/ Assembly/ Review

Experience Buying From RightStufAnime

Living in the mid-west and especially Kansas, the weather can be pretty bi-polar in February. Shipping took about 7 days from the day I purchased to arrive from Iowa to Kansas. Typically, I would receive something in about 3 days from shipping, using FedEx Ground.

Expensive shipping?!

People like to complain about the expensive shipping prices of RightStufAnime. I don’t think people understand that shipping really big items are expensive. If a store doesn’t have a shipping deal with UPS, Fedex or other shipping providers, it’s going to stay at market price. Either way, shipping costs gets baked into the shipping price or the product themselves. Entertainment Earth provides “free shipping,” on many $100+ figures, but charge a bit more for the figure themselves than their competitors.

What about LunarToyStore? Big Bad Toy Store? Both stores have low flat rate shipping prices at $5 and $4, respectively. RightStufAnime sells many other products besides figures and is an Aniplex distributor. If you buy an Aniplex figure from BBTS and LunarToyStore, you are going to get a hefty price compared to RightStufAnime. Every store has their own competitive advantages. While shipping maybe pricier at RightStufAnime, sometimes the lower price of the products help balance it out. They also have a $18 annual membership that helps with costs in the long-run, if you plan on buying more than $18 worth in savings. Overall, I think their prices are pretty reasonable.

Customer Service

During their operating hours, I was able to connect with them with live-chat pretty darn fast. Before I became a member, I bought a few items and asked customer service if I can get the member price. Although, they did not let me, all I had to do was cancel the order and do it again. When you make pre-orders with RightStufAnime, you don’t get penalized for cancelling the order! The process of cancelling an order is very easy. Overall, I had a wonderful experience dealing with them!

Figure Review


The figure consists of the base, the figure and the 2 sword attachments. I keep forgetting to stop during the unboxing video to take pictures! Check out at 6:02 in the video, to see me unbox the parts. Timestamps are in the comments.



When it comes to figures, I generally, like those brighter pallets with a nice ‘glow-ey’ coating to make it ‘shinier’. Pardon my poor word choices.. See my issue with the Rimuru Tempest figure to see what I mean. When you watch a show like Attack on Titan, it’s a really dark show, so it makes a lot of sense to keep the dreary kind of look. The colors go really well with the show’s darker themes and clearly represents an accurate portrayal of the character. The only slight issue I had was the very small smudge you can see on his shirt.


He looks very true to the anime proportions. Looking at various other Eren figures released in the past, some figures like the Good Smile Company releases in 2015, looked kind of wonky. Scroll to the bottom to see pictures of him. From the pants, the jacket and ODM gear, Eren looks incredibly realistic.


This scale figure by Hobby Max, comes in what I like to call “standard scale box.” There is a clear print of the characters on the front and sides of the box. There are cutouts to help represent the setting of Paradis Island. When you open the box to pull out the parts, you are welcomed with an inside design of more bricks, to give you the feel of Attack on Titan. This is fairly typical of a 1/7 scale figure box. Anything less, I would feel disappointed.


Standing at a little above 9 inches tall, Eren should fit on most bookcases, display cabinets and glass displays like a Detolf.


$7.59 (Demon Slayer Manga) + $182.99 (Eren Figure) + $16.5 (shipping) + $3.81 (insurance) = $210.89

I purchased Eren off of RightStufAnime. If you have the RightStufAnime membership, you would save about $9 off the $191.99 retail price. Looking at other Eren figures like the ARTFX J Eren 1/8 scale, you can get him for about $120+tax+shipping on RightStufAnime and most other anime figure stores worldwide. The Kotobukiya even has a more dynamic pose. Being widely produced and re-released, you are going to have something that most Attack on Titan figure collectors are going to have.

In my opinion, this Hobby Max version is the most realistic looking version you can get right now. At about $200, for a 1/7 scale figure of this quality, I think this is very fair. The good thing right now is that, the aftermarket prices are still only about $250-260 on places like eBay. If you are struggling to find a good Eren scale figure, look no more and get this one!

Do you recommend Hobby Max?

It really depends.. Generally, the quality of the figures seem to get rave reviews, but my biggest issue is the sculpting of the face. For example, the Levi one that was released with Eren, looks amazing, except the face.. If I have to question who a character is, it’s just going to bother me. I guess you can say it’s one of my deal breakers and probably many others. Look at the pictures below and tell me, which one looks the most like their characters.

Another series I looked at was Inuyasha. Hobby Max had an Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru scale that seemed pretty impressive. From the design, pose and colors, it would be something up my alley; except you guessed it.. the face! Although, the Inuyasha face looks pretty darn good, the Sesshoumaru one looked a bit off with a more narrower jawline.

Overall, I have a pretty positive view of the company. From what I can tell, they pick pretty good poses and do a really good job with delivering intricate details; turning their anime counterparts to real life. The only complaint would be the quality variability from the sculpting of the face—it can be a real deal breaker for the consumer.


Eren info

Otaku Sinh’s collection

Last Thoughts

The biggest reason why I love this figure so much, is because everything from the sculpting, pose, face, colors, base; all seem very accurate to the character and the feel of the show. It can be very difficult to find really good male figures and one as good as this Hobby Max version. If there is one Eren figure I can truly recommend that represents Eren the most, it is this one by Hobby Max. I totally recommend this one!


Satoru Gojou – Shibuya Scramble Figure – 1/7 scale

Shinobu Kocho – ARTF J – 1/8 scale

Rengoku Kyojuro – Figuarts ZERO – 02/19/2022 release

Patrick Mahomes – Imports Dragon – box set & chase


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