Ryo of the Wildfire “Yoroiden Samurai Troopers” Bandai Armorplus Renewal Edition [Figure Review]

How does the Rekka no Ryo Renewal Edition stack against the rest of the Ronin Warriors figures?

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

I bought it here

More info about the figure here

Otaku Sinh’s collection

¥12,990 or $89.18 (Figure) + ¥3,290 or $23.93 (DHL Shipping) = ¥16,280 or $113.11


  • Paid on 11/03/2022
  • Paid shipping on 11/29/2022
  • Delivered 12/02/2022

Shopping w/ Hobby-Genki.com

Check out my other blog posts where I go deeper into Hobby-Genki here and here.

Hobby-Genki Highlights

  • A trustworthy anime figure website from Osaka, Japan
  • MFC partners for another layer of trust
  • Fast and slow shipping options at competitive rates
  • Utilizes a “Private Warehouse” where you can combine or separate orders within 60 days
  • “Pay Later” option
  • Gets “Aniplex” exclusive figures, Kotobukiya ARTFX-J bonuses & other Bandai Exclusives


  • The currency you pick at the time of purchase is what you are stuck paying with
  • Shipping options are not automated for selection after entering “Private Warehouse.” You must ask for shipping quotes.


  • DHL and FedEx shipping typically comes plastic wrapped around a generic brown box
  • Inside the box there was one thin paper packing with the figure box wrapped in bubble wrap, so no damages were on the figure box


  • The figure box comes in the same style as the other Armorplus boxes
  • Notice the different logos on the box and the silver foil of the Tamashii Nation’s quality control sticker


  • The left side hip armor is loose
  • The helmet is front and back pieces may not close all the way
  • Other than those concerns, the assembly is simple and straight forward
  • Left hand armor w/ spikes doesn’t fit perfectly


  • It moves very easily and smoothly where you want it without the armor on
  • With the armor on, be careful moving the arms up sky high because the shoulder armors may fall off


  • Rather than the dull metallic look, there’s a shinier gloss to the paint, giving it an amazing glow
  • The hair sculpt possibly could have been more defined


  • Ear sculpt on angry face sculpt is a bit messy
  • There is a small microscopic red paint on his arm
  • The left hip armor mold is already slightly damaged, making the hip armor loose


Last Thoughts

In comparison to the Sentinel versions and the other Armor Plus figures, this one falls right in line with the kind of quality you’d expect. Like some of the other figures, the hip seems to be the one that has drawn the most issues. Still, the hip armor pieces stays one while the figure is stationary. The issue is configuring the figure and having to inadvertently touch the hip armor piece. 

Other than that, the aesthetics, the functionality and the assembly were acceptable. If you were able to snag this for the Japanese price, then this is definitely worth it. If you have to get the US price for around $189.99, then you might want to stick with the Sentinel one. Since the Sentinel one is a reissue, there’s plenty of reviews of the original release, which came out very good. Either way, I don’t think you’re losing by getting either.


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