Milim Nava, 1/7 Scale, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Alter) [Figure Review]

For an accurate and clean looking scale figure of Milim Nava off of Tensura, this Alter version has a strong case for being the best one out there.

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

Milim Nava Alter info

Otaku Sinh’s collection

I bought it here!


¥19,600 (Figure)+ ¥5,269 (DHL shipping) = ¥24,869 or $170.43


Paid on Sat 10/29/2022
Shipped on Mon 11/01/2022
Arrived on Tues 11/02/2022


I have covered buying from AmiAmi on multiple occasions. The biggest takeaways is that they are one of the most trusted, if not the most trusted website to import your anime figures from. Their competitive prices, figure options, pre-order system and customer service have been nothing but positive.


Typically, for scale figures around 1/8, 1/7 and 1/6 scale, you’ll receive a “100” or “120” sized box. The bigger the number, the bigger the box. That would usually mean the prices for shipping would be higher, especially for the airplane shipping options like DHL and EMS.

AmiAmi prioritizes packing the box, keeping your shipment as free from damage as possible during transit. The only possible downside is that the bottom of the box isn’t as packed compared to the rest of the box.

Alter Figure Box

The easiest comparison for this figure box is that it is very similar to Pop Up Parades boxes. Alter boxes use hard plastic instead of cardboard boxes like most scales. Most scale figure boxes mimic each other in design.

In this case of the hard plastic, it gives this nice and clean look. The color gradient gives the box a little bit more flair than just being completely clear and transparent. Other than that, there isn’t anything too special about it.

In terms of the quality and the condition of the box, there is a small chip at the bottom corner of the box.


This figure comes with the figure body, a base, separate upper body for the “capeless” version, removable arms, a removable upper body, a removable head and a manual.

This figure gives you a couple of different options for assembly. You can display Milim with or without a cape. Putting the figure itself is pretty explanatory. All the parts are easily removable and easily re-attachable.

*One little tip to help put together the figure would be to attach the arms on first and attach the head on last.



Milim Nava has an ample amount of figures out there, which is a win-win for every anime collector. Personally, I value the accuracy of the anime version the most. That is what the prototype pictures displayed and that is pretty much what I received.

One significant part of the figure to note about the changes from the manufacturer pictures is the base. The official release includes the name of the character and anime series on the acrylic base, while the manufacturer pictures shows just a plain clear base.

The pose, the outfit and the face looks incredibly accurate. It might be the best looking face compared to all of her other scale versions of her.


In the YouTube unboxing video, I touted this figure as one of the “cleanest” looking figures and I still stand by that. The painting errors on this figure is where the most obvious places would be and that’s where you’ll need to paint the most intricate and narrow parts of the figure. To even notice that there is somewhat of an error, you’d have to have pretty good eyes. Overall, I think 99.9% of people that collect these scale figures would find this figure’s paint quality to be of very high quality. Only when zoomed in, you can see slight differences in the paint quality.

In terms of the sculpting, I was very impressed all around about the proportions and smoothness of it. Being very “nitpicky” here, there is a teeny weeny little indent on top of the hair sculpt that slightly throws it off a little. Other than that, the sculpting is as good as it gets.

My biggest complaint about this figure is absolutely the special effects on the base. Since the effects are see through, you can see this “blotchy” portion of the mold that helps connects the acrylic base together. It takes away a perfect anime figure, to just being a very good one. In the end, the base is just a nice added effect to supplement the near perfect quality and design of the figure.


Last Thoughts

All in all, the clean and accurate look of Alter’s version of Milim Nava makes this figure a highly attractive option to collect. If there is one complaint about this figure, it would be the special effects on the base. You can see through the blotchy mold underneath that holds the effect and base together, which takes away what should be a very nice added edition to the figure. Putting the base aside, the figure itself is something every Milim fan can agree is as accurate as it gets when it comes to anime figures.

For around $170 with DHL shipping included, I think this is a very fair price. At around $150 with the boat shipping options, I would consider that price to be a steal! Above $200, I think you are starting to overpay for this figure. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if that’s still worth it. The balance between personal value and market value is the best option for me. For the “personal value” part of my opinion, this is my favorite anime figure of Milim.


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