Sage of the Halo “Yoroiden Samurai Troopers” Bandai Armorplus [Figure Review]

Two versions of the same character have been released. Now, let’s discuss which one you should spend your hard earned money on.

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

I bought it here

More info about the figure here

Otaku Sinh’s collection

¥11,890 or $89.11 (Figure) + ¥3,200 or $22.57(DHL Shipping) = ¥15,180 or $112.36


  • Paid on SAT, 08/16/2022
  • Paid shipping on MON, 09/26/2022
  • Shipped on FRI, 09/29/2022
  • Delivered MON, 10/03/2022

Shopping w/

Check out my other blog posts where I go deeper into Hobby-Genki here and here.


So far, so good with any major issues with Hobby-Genki. If you choose to send your purchases to the “Private Warehouse,” you’ll most likely have to wait a business day before you’ll receive a quote and it’ll most likely take at least another business day to get it shipped out after payment.

One little slight annoyance with Hobby-Genki is that I paid for DHL shipping and they sent the package FedEx. That’s twice now that that has happened. Personally, I’m fine with either service and both have similar estimated shipping times. It’s more about the principle than anything.


The figure came in the branded FedEx plastic wrap around the typical brown box. It came with some little dents, but the package was thoroughly packed to perfection. The figure box itself comes bubble wrapped with a white wrapping paper covering the box.

Box & Parts

The Armorplus box comes in a very similar design like the previous released “Special Color Edition” ones. There are 2 separate plastic containers holding the parts and the black & white manual.


Easy. It was by far the easiest assembly I have had to put together for every single Samurai Troopers figure I have had so far. Most of the concerns with the previously released Sentinel and Bandai Armorplus figures have been the armor around the hips and the shoulders. With little effort, I was able to attach and detach with very little effort compared to the others.

Switching out the hands and putting together the sword was a fairly simple process as well. From the “sitting down” pose and putting the armor onto to figure itself, I did not run into anything of concern.


For some reason, this Armorplus Sage of the Halo figure felt like it moved a lot smoother than the other figures. Going back and playing around with the other Armorplus figures in my possession, there isn’t that much of a difference. The joints still kind of move with that little plastic-y click sound of the friction, but it does feel smoother than the Sentinel version.

Either way, both versions still move and hold the poses that I wanted it to. It’s just that the ease of the joints feel a little bit better with the Bandai Armorplus versions.


Oh boy.. In terms of it’s entire look, I have to officially edge this Sage of the Halo Armorplus version over the Sentinel version. Since the armor is die cast, it gives us a metallic green look where it’s not too dull and it’s not too “glistening.” In low or high lighting, the figure still “pops.” The Sentinel version looks better when it has good lighting, but doesn’t look as appealing when the lights are dimmed.

I would even give a slight edge of the face plates to the Armorplus version. The Sentinels Sage of the Halo has a more cartoon-ish look with a goofier pointed nose (still not that bad). The Armorplus’s stock face, along with the hair looks exactly like the character in the show.


When it comes to imperfections, this figure is nearly flawless. I can only nitpick at areas that I never really would have noticed unless I actively searched for it. There’s really only a micro issue with the small dent on the foot of the armor and the slight armor imperfection on the side hip armor. The only things to somewhat complain about is the lining on the back of the legs and the light scratches on the gold star piece of the sword. Overall, it doesn’t get much better than this.


Last Thoughts

Overall, this Sage of Halo Bandai Armorplus figure may end up being my favorite one in terms of overall look and design. It’s either this one of the Kento of Hardrock Armorplus build that really catches my attention when looking at all the Samurai Trooper figures as a collection. Again, you’re not losing if you prefer the aesthetics on the Sentinel versions. It really does just come down to preference. So, if I was forced to choose between the two, it would be the Bandai Armoplus build by Tamashii Nations.



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