Black Clover Origin Story of the Wizard King Movie is Exclusive to Netflix!

In Netflix’s attempt to gain more market share of the anime market, they score a big win with Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King movie!

Is it Canon?!

The debut of the movie will make it’s way onto Netflix on March 31st, 2023! What’s most important about this movie that any anime fan will ask is if this movie will be canon? The answer to that question is not really, but kind of? It is being supervised by the creator, Yuki Tabata. If it’s a story about one of the past Wizard Kings, then technically it could be canonical. It just wouldn’t really mean much to the current Black Clover story line.

How it Relates to the Manga (NO SPOILERS)

If you are up to date with the manga, then the last arc of Black Clover will be in the meat of the last arc. The origins of the Wizard King and many of its mysteries have been unknown up to this point. Everything surrounding the Wizard King will provide a ton of background information that can help explain more about Julius Novachrono. Or at the very least, provide more lore to the role of the Wizard King.

Check out the official teaser of the movie below from Netflix!

Source: Twitter, Youtube


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