Rider (Medusa) Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel, 2.0 Figma By Max Factory [Figure Review]

He’s either this or the Nendoroid if you are looking for a Rider figure from Fate/stay night’s Heaven’s Feel animated movies.

Unboxing / Assembly / Review

Figure Review

Rider Figma 2.0 info

Otakusinh’s collection

I bought it here

$87.99 (Figure) + $7.84 (Tax) $5.84 (Shipping) = $100.87


Ordered on Sun, 09/14/2021
Shipped out Mon, 08/12/2022
Delivered Thurs, 08/18/2022

Good Smile Company US (GSCUS)

Check out my blog post on the Himiko Toga figure for an in-depth look into Good Smile US.

Shipping & Box

The figure box came wrapped around brown paper a few times rolled over. Underneath the brown wrap was bubble wrap with the bonus piece attached above it.

The box did come with a small dent on the bottom right corner of the backside of the box. It’s really hard to blame the shipping or the packaging on that because you never know for sure how GSCUS received their shipment. You’ll notice that this figure box is a bit bigger than the sizes that Figmas typically come in.

Assembly & Design

This figure comes with quite a bit of accessories. There are 3 sets of faces, 2 longer chain daggers, 2 shorter chain daggers, 5 pairs of hands, one visor, the Figma stand parts, the manual and of course the bonus Summoning Circle!

Super Easy to Assembly & Configure!

Putting together the figure is fairly easy. The pieces all feel soft and very movable. They pop on and off without any kind of scary force. It moves and bends into places seamlessly. I put both weapon accessories into both pairs of hand accessories that have the the open hands and they literally just slide in and out. So, taking parts off and on is very easy to do and I didn’t have any issues at all. 

An Issue with One Pose in Particular

My issue with this figure is getting the figure to look as natural as can be. I’ve tried 2 different poses similar to what the pictures on the box showed, but mine just looks a little more awkward. After a couple days, I settled on a pose that I liked with the chain accessories that’s meant to keep its shape, making the pose look really badass like she’s in mid attack with the chains floating. (See other poses below in “Picture” section)

For this particular pose, I couldn’t get her head and neck to look up in that crouched stance as much as it looked on the picture box. That slight issue coincides with the issue I had with getting her legs & hips to stay in a position like in the picture. Basically, I gave up trying to bend her legs outwards with her hips leveled with her shoulder. The pictures above are my best attempt at making this.


Hair Sculpting

Her hair is kind of like how I wanted the Aniplex Sakura Matou Makiri’s Grail to feel and look, but I can understand why they didn’t go that route with the potentially clumpiness of the material of how the mold would probably make that particular figure look like. On this Rider figure, her hair gets in the way of almost everything you’re trying to do with this figure, so you’re going to have to move it around. It’s great that it’s very pliable and is still able to maintain an attractive look.

Exposed Joints & Painting Errors

When it comes to articulated figures, the lining and joints are always a topic of debate. Most people prefer joints to be hidden as much as possible. For this Rider 2.0 Figma, the joints are too blatantly seen and it’s hard not to avoid her thigh and neck areas. Some joints like the elbows and wrists are areas where you’ll be able to hide better. For the pose that I did choose, her shoulder joints are a bit more exposed than I would have liked. That’s just the nature of action figures that you’ll have to accept.

For the paint, it generally looks good. The only areas of concern are the purple painted areas where it bleeds over to the black paint.

Honestly, after a few days, this figure has definitely grown on me. Action figures provide a lot of upside because you can make it look almost like however you want. I just preferred if it was like a ⅙ scale or bigger and if the joints wasn’t so exposed. That’s why I lean heavier on the non-articulated scales. You’re stuck with the pose, but companies generally pick something that most of us want. 

Other Rider (Medusa) Figure Options

Check out other figures for this character here.

It’s actually pretty difficult to find any of her previous releases being sold second hand. There are a few options on Ebay and primarily, they will be from Japan. I have not seen any options to request to buy her figures by proxy on CD Japan or other Japanese websites. If you guys have any information on how to get or if there are any older scale releases for sale, please comment!


Last Thoughts

When a character is more obscure and not as popular, I’m afraid the supply for high quality figures becomes limited. That is the case for Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel Rider. Other than some prize figures and a re-release Nendoroid of the UBW’s Rider, we are left with just this Figma option, which is not a bad option. This figure is very easy to assemble and swap out parts. If you don’t care too much about exposed joints, then this is a good option. However, if you want other figures of Rider, you’ll have to look deep into the interwebs to buy it secondhand.



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