Top 5 Best Moments in Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2!

The 2nd part finale to the end of Attack on Titan Final Season has been released. This is my list of the top 5 best moments of this season.

1. This Whole Episode was a Moment..

[Episode 27 Retrospective (懐古)]

I know I’m cheating with this one, but everything was magnificently done in this episode..

This was an episode that had everything you would want. We got to see the characters face an impossible task (survive long enough to take the boat), Hange catching bodies, Mikasa going blood-thirsty Ackerman, Annie & Reiner tanking the Yeager bros, Connie rising to the occasion to have one of the best sequence of animations; this all eventually came to a climax of Falco turning into the Jaw Titan, which leads to Floch’s “last stand.”

Floch, doing what he thinks is best, fights off the Cart Titan and Hange only to get shot by the young sharp-shooter, Gabi. There was no moment in this episode that you can say was poorly done or scenes that you can say that the episode didn’t need. To top it off, we got to see an epic demise to 2 very central characters to the Attack on Titan lore, Keith Shadis and Theo Magath.

Kudos to this episode because this episode reclaimed the hype that was sorely missing this season!

2. The Last Good Feel Moments We May Never See Again

[Episode 28 The Dawn of Humanity (人類の夜明け)]

Coming off an episode of arguably the best episode of the entire series, this episode gave us a change of pace that filled us in on very important context that we missed out on between the end of season 3 to the beginning of season 4.

Here, we got to witness Eren and Mikasa’s relationship come to the forefront, concluding with the rest of the cast having a joyous occasion drinking with one another. Seeing Attack on Titan give us some fan service with Sasha and Mikasa, along with Eren’s last happy moments was one we may never experience again in such a dark-twisted-gory show. These were the last cherished moments that these characters shared and was a great contrast to the action packed previous episode.

3. A Surprise Ending that Created Excitement in the Series

[Episode 24 Pride (矜持)]

Everything that happened in between the start of the rumbling up to this point was so, so boring.. Annie’s motivations to save her “dad” and Connie acting like a lunatic veered the viewers off the path that matters most and that is the situation with Eren’s rumbling.

So, once Floch gets ready to put a bullet into Onyankapon and Yelena, a huge turn of events happens as the Cart Titan comes to “eat Floch.”Jean ends up pushing him out of the way as the Cart Titan swallows up Jean, Yelena and Onyankapon.

At this moment, that gut wrenching tense feeling of not knowing what’s happening came back to compel the audience back into the mystery of the unknown. What the season lacked to this point was creating compelling situations that the viewer would care about. This is the beginning of the switch that made me buy back into this anime being a good one.

4. Hange Recruiting Jean, Mikasa and Others for the Big Plan to Stop Eren

[Episode 25 Night of the End (終末の夜)]

Once Eren began the rumbling, all the leftover scouts like Armin, Jean, Mikasa & Connie were failing to find a path. Help the Yeagerists or stop Eren? At this particular point in the season, it was hard to watch these characters be worth of any significance to the overall plot.

Once Hange got in touch with Magath and Pieck, she sets off to go recruit Jean and the others. It was the starting point of developing multiple character’s resolve and motivation to stop Eren; making the audience feel like this is the right thing to do. None of the dead Paradis Island soldiers would want a rumbling-style massacre. This is the start of a new Attack on Titan that features a new crew of heroes who were once enemies.

5. Gabi Blows Eren’s Head Off

[Episode 19, Two Brothers (兄と弟)]

One epic moment after another comes to a “head,” as Eren discharges himself from the Attack Titan to reach Zeke laying on the ground. As Eren gets closer, young Gabi sharp-shoots Eren’s head, as it flies and twists, somehow landing in Zeke’s hand. Mappa creates such a crazy, mind-bending display of animation that you’d have to experience yourself.

What was your favorite moment in AoT Season 4, Part 2 ?

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