Ranking of Kings, Episode 20 “Immortal vs. Invincible” [Review]

If we learned anything from the previous episode, it’s to not take what you see at face value. While this episode lacks any really big moments, it serves as a path to a bigger reveal.

Quick Recap

This episode revealed a little more about why Miranjo is in the mirror. The episode showed a scene of Miranjo, appearing to be dying and asked the devil for help. Then, the devil placed her in the mirror. In exchange, before she actually dies, the devil will then devour her soul. King Bosse decides to appear before the “Big 4” gets finished by Ouken. To many people’s surprise, he uses a healing power similar to Queen Hiling’s, to heal everyone back to health. King Bosse, being at below half-strength after healing everyone, is still levels beyond the strength of Ouken as he toys with different ways of smashing him; eventually, trapping him in a giant rock. The episode ends with Bojji picking up his sword to challenge King Bosse.

The devil traps Miranjo in the mirror

What Stood Out in This Episode?

20 episodes in and we are still unclear of who the true antagonist really is. King Bosse and Miranjo made a deal with the devil, but he seems like a side-effect to what King Bosse and Miranjo is doing. This episode seems to be the beginning of the last piece of the puzzle to this story. Now, it begins with King Bosse. Will King Bosse and Miranjo’s fate end in bad taste? Or does King Bosse have something better up his sleeve to get out of his deal with the devil? We can only hope the story takes us on a worthy journey.

Dull Action Sequences

A large portion of the fighting in this episode is very bland. It is also the first time we get to see King Bosse in action, albeit in his son’s body. Invincibility itself, is boring. By removing consequences and relatable human outcomes, you get this kind of episode. A character that lost his mind versus an unbreakable force. Either is disconnected from the reality of the viewer.

The crew watching Bosse vs Ouken

I like shows that can build tension, through peaks and valleys of buildup and payoffs. This episode really decided to just skip all of the good action, episode 19 had with the “Big 4” coming together against Ouken. What makes the “Big 4” so much more intriguing, is the fact that they all display characteristics and struggles the viewer can see themselves in. The show’s misdirections, may have gone too far in this episode, as King Bosse arrives to condescendingly, talk down on the “Big 4” and then proceeded to heal them. All of the sudden, he now wants to fight Ouken, who is in Miranjo’s control. All of this is very confusing. I think already having the context would have made this episode more enjoyable, but who knows. The payoff may be better for futures episodes.

Bosse healing the homies back on the brink of death

Understanding what immortal versus invincible really means

As most things I watch, I like digging into the bigger themes and metaphors the show presents. It’s literally in the title of the episode. There are many angles we can see, in regards to the show’s culmination of what human desire the most—that is living forever and being an invincible force. Any man or woman, living their best life, would want to live out that reality forever. Ouken and King Bosse, symbolizes the consequences of those that achieve those fantasies.

Bosse shows us just how strong he really is

In order for King Bosse, to be as strong as he is, it came with some consequences at an expense of those close to him. Making a deal with the devil, taking away his son’s powers and more, yet to be revealed.. Let’s hope this doesn’t end with everyone being all happy and dandy. This needs to end with serious consequences..

Bosse trapping Ouken in the rock

Being invincible and immortal, may sound good on the surface. In reality, what makes us human, is the fact that we are not invincible and have a limited life-span. From a viewing experience of the episode, it’s a really dull, bland, and a not very exciting viewing experience. I think the writer and creators of this episode meant to do that for this portion of the series. Now, let’s hope they start to answer some questions quickly, because I think the show maybe starting to lose the viewers.

Last Thoughts

One thing I can recall from the beginning of episode 19, was the god explaining that the gods were dying off as the humans were getting stronger. I can’t help but think that King Bosse has a grander plan to somehow pass on his seeds without facing eventual extinction. I wonder how the show is going to handle Miranjo, not getting her soul eaten by the devil. Any good show, has real consequences for characters.

There are 2 important elements of a good show, what is presented in the show and the critical thinking aspect of trying to piece together this story. Essentially, this episode is meant to be apart of a bigger payoff that I hope will be worth it. As each little nugget of information is introduced to us, it leads the audience to believe one thing. Although, it’s gotten to the point, where I’m more confused than intrigued. Balancing the mystery with what you want the audience to know can be a hard thing to execute. The mystery always seems to be better than the reveal.. While I don’t think this episode was necessarily a bad one, here’s to hoping the next few episodes encapsulates the feeling it had at the beginning of the season.


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