[Top 5] Issues with Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel Movie Trilogy (Spoilers)

Top 5 issues with Fate/Stay Night’s Heaven’s Feel: Presage Flower, Lost Butterfly & Spring Song trilogy.

  1. Matou Sakura (間桐 桜) as the love interest

She is a tragic character that girls could relate to. This is someone that made mistakes, was abused and was victimized her whole life. In the end, a white knight ‘Shirou,’ comes in to save her at all costs. That is the appeal to the female audience. Through a male lens, it is hard for any ordinary man to realistically chase someone with so much baggage, by throwing away your own purposes in life, in order to save someone that may not even be ‘saveable’. No one should have to have to shoulder the burden of someone else’s tragedy, which makes “Heaven’s Feel Shirou” much more appealing to the female audience. Thus, chop this one in the books as a rated ‘R’ Disney princess fairy tale.

  1. Lack of Action

I am a huge fan of Ufotable’s animation. When you watch other animated series like Boruto, you can instantly tell how amazing and appreciative we should be of the quality of what we are getting. When there were fight scenes like in the first movie, we got an incredible battle between Lancer and Assassin. Of course, the last movie would have the best scenes as the finale battles that included Saber versus Rider. The 2nd movie continued character development and increased my distaste of Sakura as a character. 

  1. Emiya Shirou’s decision to go back against his ideology of being a hero

I agreed more with “Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works,” path. A lot of what I saw in that path, actually makes sense for it to happen. It makes a lot more sense for Emiya Shirou to fall into Kiritsugu’s path. Once he is forced into the Holy Grail war, we are suppose to believe that he does a complete 180 in ideology. The only difference in the Heaven’s Feel path is whatever or not Shirou wanted to throw away his ideals to save a girl. A girl that eats people.. Thus, I deem the “Heaven’s Feel” path as the “ultimate SIMP” path.

  1. Castor and her masters were throwaway characters

Watching Both “Unlimited Blade Works” and all three “Heaven’s Feels” movies made me realize that Kuzuki Soichirou just doesn’t matter. Which is kind of sad because researching this character online made me realize how he deserved a bit more development. I guess that is what makes the “Fate” series unique, in that we may get an anime adaptation with him being a more central character at some point.

  1. In Fate/Zero Gilgamesh was OP, in Heaven’s Feel, Gilgamesh was..

Watching Fate/Zero first and Unlimited Blades Works after, made a lot of sense for the development of Gilgamesh’s character. He was someone that was portrayed by far, heads and shoulders above all of the other Servants. So, it was a blunder to see him just disappear in one lackluster scene. 

Honorable Mention(s)

  • It may be hard for the first-time newbie viewer to understand what was happening at first. The first movie kind of just glossed over the introduction of the characters. Watching any of the previous Fate/stay night content and/or Fate/Zero would fill in a lot of gaps that may not make sense.

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