A Must Buy! Kyoujurou Rengoku (煉獄 杏寿郎) [MegaHouse] G.E.M. Figure Review w/Pictures & Video

Scrolling through the wide selection of Rengoku figures of 2021, there were so many to pick from. I ended up landing on this figure by Megahouse. Not only have I heard great things about Megahouse’s G.E.M. line, they picked one of the best poses from the movie/arc, with great prototype pictures. There were a few in-stock left on release date on AmiAmi, so I decided to pick up one.


What I Paid & AmiAmi Shipping Concerns?

I paid ¥17380 + ¥6472 (DHL) = ¥23,852.. roughly $210.71

Honestly, I prefer DHL to everything else. The higher shipping cost is generally worth it. The time, the insurance covered, ability to sign for your package online and the relative cost to buying from a US online retailer is around the same or even cheaper! AmiAmi has their own standardized boxing, which can make shipping a bit more expensive compared to other websites, but it’s so packed inside, that you’ll rarely run into a shipping dent and ding problem with the figure box when it arrives.

Is Megahouse’s G.E.M. Actually High Quality?

The short answer is yes.

Product box

So far, the product boxes for the RAH line by Medicom and the G.E.M . series by Megahouse are really impressive. The cutouts and inside design of the box makes you feel like you are getting something premium. That’s the idea for consumers. We want to see and open something that doesn’t make us question the pricing. Sometimes when boxes are taped up, when you peel it off, the paint comes off. In this case, that didn’t happen. That is a low-key nice part about this box that helps maintain its overall value.

Figure quality

Standing at around 8 inches tall, it was a big enough scale that is good for the price in today’s day and age. The painting all around was clean and the 2 pieces for the flames were nice and sturdy. The smaller flame was kind of harder to get it placed into the hole, but still fit. That’s a common occurrence for most of these anime figures. Some pieces fit perfectly and some pieces fit good enough. As long as it fits “good enough,” I don’t see a concern to downgrade the quality of any figure.

How sturdy is it?

The most fragile part of the figure is at end of cape. It feels like foil when your hand or fingers touch it. When you grab him and have a fat hand, you might want to be a bit cautious and grab him lower, especially when you are assembling him. It felt like a few times, when my hand rubbed against the bottom of his cape, that I might end up chipping it off.

When you take Rengoku himself outside the packaging, make sure to put him somewhere soft and safe before assembling him, since he does not stand up without the base.

Other than the 2 very, very minor issues with the figure, everything else is as advertised. Check out the pictures below!


Overall, this figure is pretty special. The premium packaging, quality of figure and ease of buying off of AmiAmi felt like one of the best value purchases I’ve made yet. It is a definite recommendation to any anime figure collector out there. That is, if you can still get your hands on one!

This figure’s info

I bought this figure at AmiAmi

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